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June 17, 2014 I’m learning

Recent updating caused a big mess here.  It took me three weeks of thinking about the problem and interviews with several people to arrive at a solution.  I have a lot to learn about websites.  Hopefully some of that will happen this year. I will be adding new quilting events in western Washington in a few days.


This spring I have started to do some hand work.  I’m taking a wool hand appliqué class in Centrailia at Quilters Junction and have made a few pieces that I’ve loved doing.  Others in the class are making a wool on flannel quilt with twelve blocks.  Since the main focus of my sewing for years has been quilts I decided  to make small projects that I can use for gifts when the occasion arrises.  I got a couple of patterns from http://www.shinyhappyworld.com.  I signed up for her newsletter and get a new pattern every week.  I’ve been embroidering the birds and she comes out with a new one each time I’m just about done with the one I’m working on. She also has some videos on how to do this wool appliqué and about new tools.  Some great stuff here.